Jazz Ensemble Tours

Throughout the world, and particularly in Europe, Jazz concerts and Jazz ensembles are wildly appreciated. No longer is “Jazz” the special domain of Americans – the world has caught up and Jazz concerts are as popular as in the USA.

Every detail of a Jazz Ensemble tour is scrutinized and implemented from the very beginning consulting session: repertoire, type of Jazz Ensemble (Big Band, Progressive, etc…), number of musicians, sound equipment needed, and quantity of concerts. Based upon the Jazz Ensemble Director and your ADI Tour Consultant discussions, a custom-designed tour itinerary is created to match your ensemble’s music goals, size, budget, and travel dates. Throughout your tour, an ADI Tour Manager will be with you and on-call for any support required, such as stage management, sound equipment, rehearsal scheduling, instrument repair assistance, and any other detail necessary for a successful concert presentation.

Advertising, posters, and advance concert cultural listings are all part of your custom-designed concert tour program – nothing is a-la-carte – everything is included!


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