Inside ADI

Our Company

– ADI TOURS (our initials stand for “Arts Development International”) has been
organizing international concert tours for choirs, orchestras, bands, and jazz ensembles, for the past 40 years.Each year, our company sends hundreds of Americans abroad on specialized concert tours.Today, ADI TOURS has established programs in over 50 countries in Europe, Mexico & Central & South America, Australia & New Zealand, Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia.In addition, ADI TOURS has ongoing shared concert venues for choirs, orchestras, bands, and jazz ensembles in most of the 50+ countries in which it operates. The shared concert venue is an important ingredient in the company’s philosophy of true cultural exchange and, subsequently, ADI has established similar like-host organizations around the world sharing that same philosophy.

ADI TOURS’ International Headquarters are in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and the company maintains its own European offices in Prague and St. Petersburg (Russia), with affiliate offices and associates in all major capitals worldwide. ADI’s in-house travel agency, AD Travel, is a fully bonded, fully licensed member of IATAN, the International Travel Agency Network, and maintains more than $5 million in consumer protection insurance coverage.

Inside ADI

Our Staff

– ADI staff is comprised of trained musicians, educators, and travel specialists who have an uncommonly refined knowledge and understanding of the needs of performing ensembles abroad. They possess a unique combination of skills and experience and have a highly specialized training to plan and organize successful concerts for ensembles of varying sizes, repertoires, ages, and abilities. Touring ensemble Directors work most closely with an ADI designated Tour Consultant, in advising, coordinating, and facilitating their custom-designed tour.

In short, performing arts organizations that travel with ADI TOURS can be assured that they will benefit from our programming and travel expertise on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific. Because we do all of our travel arrangements in-house (including airline reservations, ticketing, hotels, sightseeing, transportation, etc.), ensembles are assured excellent quality control over all aspects of their tour.

Inside ADI

Our Promise

– ADI will handle every aspect of the important concert venues, including publicity and posters, the complex logistics of air, hotel, land arrangements, and sightseeing. We will arrange your airline reservations and ticketing, visa processing, and the handling of instruments, equipment, or costumes. You will have full access to an ADI TOURS Manager during your stay in the host country, and the continuing support of our staff in both our New Jersey Headquarters Office and International Offices.There are not any “middlemen” in the ADI equation – everything is done personally by our staff – from the first evaluation planning meeting with your ADI Tour Consultant to an ADI Tour Manager accompanying the tour. This personal attention to each and every detail has built our sterling reputation. International Concert Tours are an experience – and ADI TOURS makes it a lifetime memory!

Inside ADI

Our Responsibility

– Responsible Touring is touring “that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit”. ADI TOURS is a proud supporter of Responsible Touring and works as business partner with people and companies in over 50 countries around the world who share the same philosophy and “modus operandi” in the concert tours and travel industry. ADI TOURS advocates the following Principles:

  • Minimizes negative economic, environmental and social impacts
  • Generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities
  • Improves working conditions and access to the industry
  • Makes positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage embracing diversity
  • Provides more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues
  • Provides access for physically challenged people
  • Is culturally sensitive by encouraging respect between tourists and hosts, and by building local pride and confidence