Orchestra Tours

Youth, College and Community Orchestras have always prized an international concert tour to expand their musicians cultural and musical worlds, to give their members first-hand experience in the rigors of touring, and to build an esprit and pride within their organization for recruitment and fundraising. There is nothing like an orchestra tour abroad that can deliver those kinds of values!

Every detail of an orchestra tour is scrutinized and implemented from the very beginning consulting session: repertoire, type of orchestra (symphonic or chamber), number of musicians, number of large instruments (string basses, tympani, etc…) and quantity of concerts. Based upon the Orchestra Director and your ADI Tour Consultant discussions, a custom-designed tour itinerary is created to match your organization’s music goals, size, budget, and travel dates. Throughout your tour, an ADI Tour Manager will be with you and on-call for any support required, such as stage management, rehearsal scheduling, instrument repair assistance, and any other detail necessary for a successful concert presentation.

Advertising, posters, and advance concert cultural listings are all part of your custom-designed concert tour program – nothing is a-la-carte – everything is included!

Because of higher airline fees for large instruments and the requirement of many airlines to ship your large instruments at least one-week prior to your scheduled tour departure date, many of our orchestras opt for a more practical and cost effective alternative – renting those large instruments in the country(ies) you will tour. Throughout your tour, all of your orchestra instruments will be transported by only the most reputable trucking services – ensuring safe and damage-free delivery directly to your hotels and concert venues.


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